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EduCat Sample VCE essays:

Listed below are a collection of sample essays that I have written during my time as a VCE English tutor. Please note that these responses are not necessarily perfect, nor are they meant to be indicative of absolutely everything required in a VCE essay. 


I do believe, however, that they can provide you with a decent overview of what is generally most important across the three sections of the VCE English exam (Analysing Argument, Text Response, Comparative Response). 

In (very short) summary, the vital elements are as follows:

For Analysing Argument: 

  • Emphasising the intended effect of the author on the reader

For Text Response: 

  • Using evidence that is relevant to the prompt + supports your arguments

For Comparative Response: 

  • Ensuring there is enough genuine comparison between the two relevant texts in your body paragraphs 

Analysing Argument

The Penelopiad & Photograph 51

Year of Wonders & The Crucible

The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga

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