EduCat Tuition Centre:

Tutoring service for Secondary Students 

At EduCat Tuition, you will receive a high-quality tutoring service for your child. Our teachers are highly engaged and motivated to improve our students’ grades, and they are able to discern what will help your child achieve their potential. At EduCat, we believe that students learn most in small groups, so our teacher/student ratio is low: our class sizes do not exceed 6 students. 

One-on-one and Group tuition: Year 7 - Year 10 Students

Regular Group Course:

During the school year, we offer weekly classes that will help Year 7-10 students understand the basic building blocks of English. Every term, in the 10th week of classes, students are required to sit for a test in order to gauge their grasp of their content. Classes run for one hour each, and are held on Saturdays. 

One-on-one tuition:

Private tuition is also available, although places are very limited and must be booked early in the school year. Classes will be taken by tutors who have excellent track records of improving students' grades, can explain concepts clearly and succintly, and are friendly and caring. 

One-on-one and Group tuition: Year 11 & 12 Students

Argument Analysis Course: 

Classes for Year 11 & 12 students run slightly differently than for Year 7 - 10s. There will be a regular group course for Argument Analysis, which will run on Friday nights and Saturday afternoons. Text-specific classes are subject to demand and student preference, however, and small group sessions will run depending on enrolment numbers. 

One-on-one tuition:

Similarly to Years 7 - 10, private tuition is also available for Years 11 - 12. Places are also very limited, and it is imperative to book early in the year. Classes will be taken by tutors who have deep textual knowledge, experience with VCE content, and who can provide incisive feedback on essay writing and structure. 

Services we offer:

Primary School

Years 5 - 6


Reading & writing

Secondary School

Years 7 - 10


Essay writing

VCE English

Argument analysis

Text Response

Comparative Response

Tutoring Centre - Box Hill


Ph: 0408 006 239 



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